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    Business areas in which ASSYRIA Law Firm’s team has successful experience:
    a global digital strategy and software development service provider with a worldwide customer base
    Esuputnyk LLC
    a global marketing automation service provider for B2C
    a global digital strategy and software development service provider with a worldwide customer base
    a global cloud-based solution developer (online business personalization and optimization tools)
    an online advertising service provider for businesses; the market leader among SEO agencies in Ukraine
    Reactor LLC
    a well-known project developer on the Ukrainian market with a portfolio including the following projects:,,, and
    Petrykivsky Fish Farm PrJSC
    a company engaged in the selling of marketable fish of its own production since 1979
    Sorrisa Group
    Miko-Trans-1 LLC
    a logistics and freight transportation company
    Strategic Partner - Dnipro LLC
    a company engaged in the provision of strategic and operational consulting services focused on the implementation of an effective financial management system
    Pillar System LLC
    a company that specializes in the construction of turnkey metal buildings with a portfolio including such types of buildings as warehouses, logistics centers, production, hangars, granaries, shopping malls, sports complexes, and other industrial buildings
    Cryo Inter Trading LLC
    a developer and supplier of integrated solutions in the field of gas and cryogenic industry, LNG, water cycles, heat exchange equipment for energy, metallurgical, chemical, and oil refining complexes, mechanical engineering and CHP, as well as pharmaceutical and food industries.
    Dnipropetrovsk Aggregate Plant JSC
    a company with 90 years of experience in the manufacture of modern machinery products
    Impex Production and Commercial Firm LLC
    a diversified enterprise with a powerful material and technical base that provides services in the field of repair and revamping of machinery and forging and pressing equipment, as well as manufacture of non-standard equipment and repair and revamping of special equipment
    Espi-Force LLC
    a company engaged in the production and installation of windows, doors, sliding systems, and aluminum structures
    The Loft Gastropub
    a logistics and freight transportation company
    KASKADBUDINVEST Construction Company LLC
    one of the largest civil and industrial real estate developers in Ukraine
    a company engaged in the construction of soccer and futsal fields using both artificial and natural turfs, as well as in the design and construction of sports facilities. Desso Sports Systems artificial turf for soccer fields, and construction of tennis courts.
    a company engaged in the provision of a full range of services in the field of construction of both commercial and residential real estate: Sale, repair, rent, and management
    We help businesses
    overcome the growth crisis
    Engage in putting your opportunities into action instead of putting out fires. Our law firm will help you deal with uncertainty and defocusing. We will save your time so that you no longer have to focus on solving current and prospective issues with government agencies. We will help stabilize your business and increase its margins. We will become your legal “mission control center.”
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    We help businesses 
overcome the growth crisis
    We increase the operational
    efficiency of your business
    Develop consistently, predictably, and organically. We will help your business build an effective financial model; identify and eliminate vulnerabilities where businesses end up losing their profits; maintain its profitability and stability on a regular basis; and adapt to new legislation.
    We provide assistance with tax planning
    We optimize the cost of the payroll
    We screen candidates
    We provide financial and legal support to the personnel
    Request all the services
    We support new strategies for the development
    of medium-sized and large businesses
    Feel free to explore new opportunities to expand your business and invest into and enter new markets. Get a clear vision of the perspective of each idea. We help CFOs assess the risks and potential benefits of implementing business plans. We protect the interests and support the decisions of chief accountants of large companies.
    “We understand both businesses and those who run them.”
    –Oleksiy Savchuk,
    Director of ASSYRIA Law Firm
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    • We care about the transparency and clarity of our decisions for all members of your team.
    • We do not focus on formalities but build human relations and help the parties find a common language and reach a consensus.
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    –Oleksiy Savchuk,