Have you received a "chain letter"? We will answer inquiries from the tax

  • If you do not know what to do with the requests of the tax office or other authority, we will help you!

If you have received a request from the tax office, prosecutor or investigator, please send us now, because delay in such cases can be too expensive

Get an answer to your tax questions without leaving your office!
  • Taking into account the activity of the tax and other state bodies, which has grown throughout Ukraine, LU “Assyria” has introduced a special online service. The service includes analysis of the received request and preparation of a response, and costs only 900 UAH. The time for preparing a response is 1-2 business days
Oleksii Savchuk

Managing partner of LU "Assyria"

Subsequent actions on our part after receiving documents and payment:

  1. 1we will contact you to clarify the request;
  2. 2we will analyze the legality of the received request and the possible consequences for your company;
  3. 3we will prepare a response to your request as soon as possible and send it to you;
  4. 4 if everything is really serious, we will contact you separately and help you avoid mistakes.

What is required of you to receive a ready-made answer to the "chain letter":

send a scanned copy or photo of the request you received through a simple form on our website;

pay the cost of the service in a convenient way for you, using a bank card or the company's current account.

To receive a response to your request, fill out the form below
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