Base hourly rates

#Type of judicial assistanceThe amount of the fee
(for one hour of work), UAH
1Analytical work, study of documents; selection of judicial practice; oral and written advice, preparation of legal opinions; all other services except those specified in clause 21 250
2Legal assistance of a lawyer in criminal (support of interrogations, searches, other procedural actions, legal assistance in court sessions), economic, administrative and civil cases; preparation of written statements on the merits of the case (statements of claim, responses to statements of claim, responses to withdrawals, objections, explanations of third parties), other procedural documents2000

Estimated cost of some types of legal services

#Type of legal aidFee (per service), UAH
1Oral legal consultation1 250
2Preparation of detailed written legal advice / legal conclusion5 000
3Litigation in court (each instance)12 500
4Accompanying a lawyer during interrogation2 500
5 Advocate escort during the search4 000
Conducting training "How to act during a search at an enterprise"
1 Up to 15 participants (client's employees)15 900
2From 16 to 50 participants (client's employees)31 000
3More than 50 participants (client's employees)39 000
  1. Tariffication unit – 0.5 hour (30 minutes). If the services are provided outside the office of LU “Assyria”, the payment is made in accordance with the above rules, but paid for at least one hour of work.
  2. If services are provided outside working hours (on weekends and holidays, as well as on working days from 18.00 to 9.00) and at the request of the client or for reasons that objectively make it impossible to provide them during working hours, a coefficient of 1.5 is applied to the cost of an hour of work.
  3. If the services are provided by the managing partner of LU “Assyria”, and this is the desire of the client, then a coefficient of 2.0 is applied to the cost of services.
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