Are you buying real estate and do not want “surprises” later?

We will protect you from fraudsters and protect you from risks.

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About Us

  • We are in the TOP-5 law firms in Dnipro.
    According to the authoritative annual research of the legal market "50 leading law firms in Ukraine".
  • More than 12 years of experience and business relationships of our team allow us to resolve any issues related to real estate and land that arise from our clients.

More than

transactions per year
are supported
by our lawyers.
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We won over

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Why is it beneficial for you?

Checking inside and out

You will know what you are buying and from whom, as well as the entire history of your property/land even before you buy it

Optimal solutions

You will clearly understand whether it is worth buying this property/land, as well as how much it may cost you to eliminate the risks

Clear procedures

You will understand how much time you need and for what exactly


All consultations and correspondence with us are protected by lawyer’s secrecy and cannot be disclosed even in court

Online and offline consultations

You choose a convenient format of communication – the Internet or our office


If you buy real estate, and after that there will be “surprises” that we did not warn you about in advance, then we will protect your interests in court for free

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Protect yourself from scammers

It’s safe to buy real estate with us

Our services

Secondary market

  • Property check
  • Seller verification
  • Checking history
  • Checking arrests and bans
  • Verification of court cases
  • Risk analysis

2 400 UAH

Miscellaneous 21 final

new buildings

  • Construction check
  • Developer check
  • Verification of land rights
  • Checking history
  • Checking arrests and bans
  • Verification of court cases
  • Analysis of the contract
  • Analysis of the rights sale scheme
  • Risk analysis

4 600 UAH


  • Conduct of negotiations
  • Agreement on the terms of the transaction
  • Conclusion of a deposit agreement
  • Document collection control
  • Provision of a notary
  • Consultations
  • Preparation of an agreement
  • Organization of an agreement
  • Control of transaction execution

8 600 UAH

If you need services for package offers, we are also ready to provide them. Contact us!

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